Tuesday, 29 November 2016

my ugly chair - part 1

so!  according to little mr. internet, reupholstering a chair is easy!  all you gotta do is take it apart, use the fabric pieces as a pattern and put it back together!  ta-da!  well, what it didnt tell me was taking the damn thing apart is HARD!
i've got this ugly chair, and i thought, hey, let's give this a try!  now, i dont know if it's always this hard?  maybe the chair i have is just well put together?  maybe the person who did it was super duper excited about using a staple gun or something and went a little wacky?  i dont know?  but it aint easy.  those things are in there deep, and there are a whole whole lot of them..  LOTS!!!
at first i just tried to pry them out with various.. tools?  i think i tried a knife and some needle nose pliers, but the knife wouldnt get right in there so i got out a little bitty screwdriver and tried that out..  but then i broke that!  so ack!!!   i had to go out and buy an actual staple remover tool, but even with that it's difficult.
i have been working away at it though, and i kinda figured that maybe i should take some pictures and keep track of how i am taking it apart so that i can put it back together properly!  so, hopefully i can at least do that!
so..  this is my ugly chair..

i started on the bottom...

that bottom fabric was already torn and a lot just ripped off, but i still had to remove the staples.  the legs just screwed off, so that was easy enough!

here is a slight example of the excessive amount of staples in this damn thing..  why does it need 5 staples in about an inch or so?  why?  and it's like this all the way around..  that's a hell of a lot of staples!
i took off the back section of fabric as well, it was pretty easy actually.  after the bottom was done i was able to pretty much just pull up a lot of the sides and it was pretty easy to pry up the rest, it looked like this...

this is what the back of the chair looks like once the fabric is removed:

that one spring or whatever is popping up but i was able to fix that easily, it just needed to be re-hooked back into a little ... hook thingy?  
so..  that is the bottom and the back removed anyway.