Wednesday, 6 January 2016

rust dyeing on paper!~

    i got out a new book from the library that i am fairly excited about.. it is called: Natural Processes in Textile Art: From Rust Dyeing to Found Objects by Alice Fox.  i had really just flipped through it, and it looks really neat.. lots of neat stuff.. but one of the things that i saw was the use of tea in rust dyeing!  i had never really heard/seen that before.. i suppose it makes sense, the tannic acid.  i was telling my cousin about this and she said that she had heard of this a lot in staining wood, but it was new to me!
    anyway.. i hadnt even read the section of the book, but i did myself a little experiment.. of rust dyeing on paper.. something i had never done before.  i put the same sorts of various bits of rusty things that i already had from some of my fabric experiments.. paper clips, safety pin, etc..

     i did 2.. just on pieces of white cardstock.. one i soaked for a bit in some tea.. i happened to have a jar on my shelf that had been sitting there for months with some old teabags soaking in it.. just waiting.. waiting to have something done with it.. so yay!  ..and the other one, the paper was soaked in plain old vinegar.  this is what i got:




    i found it really interesting at the difference the 2 liquids made.  Also.. on the vinegar, the copper pennies gave a bit of blue.. neat!  but they didnt do much of anything with the tea.  it was a neat experiment though.. just a quick little trial.  fun stuff.

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