Thursday, 30 March 2017

my ugly chair - part 2

so, reupholstering my chair..
i am taking it apart, it is not as easy at it sounds..  so so so soooooo many staples!  i got the bottom and the back done in part 1.. and now..  now i dont know what the hell i'm doing!
this is what the back looked like..

midway up there were these large staples..  and the fabric is folded like this, which is probably good to know when putting it back together i think.. 

So, the front has these buttons in it..

on the back it looks like this..

a closer view of the back of one of the buttons..

it's the button threaded through a thick string that goes through the fabric, but is tied around a little bundle of this cottony stuff.  ..i suppose i dont necissarily need to put the buttons back on, depends on how i want it to look.. we'll see.

ok!  ugh.  i kinda screwed up..   i havent worked on the chair for a looooong time.  i've been busy moving and that's fine.  i mean, i'm sure i can figure this all out and stuff.  (i hope!)  & i have all these pictures i've taken..  but they're kinda confusing!  just a whole lot of pictures of random weird plaid in various contorted positions and it's hard to see what's going on when i dont remember what i'm doing!  ugh ugh ugh.

 i will try to figure out the rest of the steps later..  
i think there were some confusing parts getting the front off?  well..  we shall see if i can figure out the pictures.. 

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