Wednesday, 14 October 2015


i started my blog to document things i have done, kind of as a place to to be able to go and look back at them & see them, things like recipes, ideas i have had, projects i have done, stuff like that & that is what i had used it for.  however, i have been wanting to use it for other things lately, shorter posts, less thought out things, just posting what i had been working on what i had done in a day, uncompleted thoughts, and possibly exploring google+ a bit farther.
     i discovered that you can have more than one blog under the same email account, yay!  now, i could have just created a new blog and used that for those purposes, but i wanted to use my name, dystatic, for that, and so i created this new blog as my documentation blog.  & that is what this is.  (it's not like anyone really reads this stuff anyway, i dont really tell anyone about it, but still...)
     so, here is a link to my last "document" post from my old blog, its about my yummy plum jam:

     from there i am sure you (i) can go back and go to all my other older posts, the most significant for me probably being my nectarine jam, and for some reason the one about the Gardein -- BBQ Pocket Meals -- Pulled Porkless which has WAY more views than any other post (over 1400 compared to the next highest which has just over 100). 

   but here be .. dead things in jars.

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