Monday, 9 November 2015

shredded butter & cheese scones!

my first ~real~ post on this bugger!

     so!  my friend wanted me to make her some cheesy scones!  so, i was happy too but i only had frozen butter.  i had remembered reading various locations online things about shredding frozen butter but never really thought anything of it, i dont even remember the context and have not since looked it up, who knows, it could be this exact same thing!  anyway!  i had the thought that i should shred the butter to use in the scones, you are supposed to cut it into chunks anyway, so, well, i did!
     i shredded it and then i put it back in the freezer a bit because it had got a bit soft from handling, and i had to measure out all my other ingredients anyway.

    THIS is the recipe i used.  i did make some minor changes, i nixed the cayenne, i added only 1Tbsp of sugar (because.. why?  they are savory scones???) and i used almond milk with a squirt of lemon.  also i didnt roll and cut, i did drop scones.
     shredding the butter made making scones SUPER EASY.  i should .. i will.. SUPER EASY!  i just mixed the dry ingredients then dumped in the shredded butter and stirred it to lightly coat it, thats it, no cutting or mixing with your fingers or anything, just stir it in there.  it is already in tiny little pieces that are perfect size!

     so the scones were super yummy & i made a second batch for myself.  the only thing bad about them was i followed the directions and put them directly on an ungreased sheet, which in my experience is never a good idea & i should have known better & they started to burn on the bottom a bit.  (but then again, that oven likes to burn things, i have horrible, i mean HORRIBLE luck with cookies unless i use a fiberglass mat, not even silicone, fiberglass) 
     this is what the looked like prebake:

     and then of course i forgot to take a picture of them after.  ugh.  this is actually pictures of the second batch because i was not expecting the shredding to make scone making ~super easy~ and did not plan on documenting it when i made the first batch.  & in this batch the butter was actually just refrigerated.  the frozen butter actually shredded in smaller shavings, but the results of the scones were similar.   they were not at all heavy & really yum.
     you can cut the butter and then shred it or shred the butter and then weigh out the shavings.  i weigh butter a lot especially when i have to measure out stupid amounts like 1/3 cup.  that is not marked anywhere on the little ruler thingy on the package.  why do they not put a little 1/3 cup marking?  i mean, it is not used a terribly lot in recipes, but how hard would it be put to put a little dash on the package?  you dont even have to label it, just put a mark at the 1/3 and 2/3 points, people would figure it out on their own.  oh well.
     (yummy scones!~)

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