Saturday, 14 November 2015

new fruit - apple - SALISH!

     SO!~  the other day when i was at the fruit store i found a brand spankin new type of apple, or at least one i had never seen before, a SALISH!  so, i figured i would give it a shot.  well, no, not exactly, cause it wasnt on sale, i wasnt going to give it a shot, but then i noticed this:

    it's got little spots all over it!  it is super cute!!!!  so, then i decided to give it a shot.  & well, i am not super good at describing how apples taste, because they all taste similar dont they?  well, no, not exactly.  & i must say, this apple tasted different than any apple i have tasted in recent memory.  it was quite unique.  it is a firm crisp apple, kinda gala like in that respect, but not super sweet like a gala, it has more of a... crab apple flavour to it?  a bit on the sour side, but not really sour like a granny smith type sour, more .. crab appley i guess?  it was really different.
    + the polka dots!

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