Wednesday, 3 February 2016

forcing tulips again..

so.. last year i forced some tulips and they were lovely!

so this year i decided to do the same!  earlier in the year i bought some bulbs, just from dollarama.. that's where the ones above were from!  and they have been sitting in my fridge and finally the other day i got around to doing something with them!  thing is, i know.. i mean, i KNOW that after these ones from last year were through i cleaned the container i had them in and put it somewhere safe cause i knew i would do it again this year and i cant find it ANYWHERE!!!  i looked and looked and looked!  my house is not very big.. and ive organized things, so.. ugh.  i dont know.. but i just used a giant jar this time.. and some glass rocks..

that's the set up.. and that's the package in the back, with the pink and orange.. the pink one next to it are the bulbs from last year.. not really what they ended up looking like eh?  but they were quite pretty!
these bulbs seemed to be kinda poking through in the fridge already.. so.. ok..

we shall see how well these ones do!
i also had bought some anemones cause they looked so gosh darn purty!  i dont know if they can be forced like tulips.. i didnt look it up.. and the bulbs, they look like little rocks, so i am thinking maybe not?  i dont know.. i figure, you never know until you try!

i just stuck them in a little pot.. and well.. i guess i will find out!

but i did all this on jan 29th, so.. we will see how long it takes these tulips and if and when the anemones turn into something!  yay!

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