Thursday, 29 September 2016

ecodye leaf test part 1

i decided to do a leaf test..  testing out various different types of leaves of different trees and things, mostly trees.  a lot of them i havent even tried before.  i know ecodyeing isnt a sure thing and when something does one thing one time it is not necissarily gonna do the same thing the next, but it'll be a general idea.

Roll 1.
maple (variety?) - amur maple - amur choke cherry -walnut

amur choke cherry - walnut - manitoba maple - american elm

manitoba maple - american elm - mayday - green ash
mayday- green ash - siberian elm - hawthorn

the other side showed the results a bit better..  and this is what i found.. 

 maple - a light but clear brownish result, i have found maple to produce fairly good results in the past.
amur maple - a good result with almost purplish hues to it

amur choke cherry - a nice yellow print, not extremely strong, but nice colour

walnut - a nice clear yellowy brown print

manitoba maple - not a lot of result
american elm - not a lot of result, produced a nice relief though!

mayday - very clear lovely green print!
green ash - not a lot of result

siberian elm - a nice yellow print
hawthorn- a nice yellow print

this was done in september, note that this fabric was just unrolled, it was fairly dry but it has not been rinsed or washed.  the fabric used was a light beige colour, i got a very large piece (a few meters) at the reuse center (free) and thought wow!  but then figured out why someone had got rid of it, it's terrible!  you cant even put a single stitch in it cause it will tear, any hole in it and it will rip apart, so it is completely useless to sew into anything.  but still, dye experiments!!!

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