Friday, 7 October 2016

ecodye test roll 2

this is the second roll of my ecodye test experiment, an attempt to try a variety of leaves and document the results!

lilac - raspberry - butterfly bush

butterfly bush - wild licorice - nanking cherry - mint

nanking cherry - mint - strawberry - wild rose

strawberry - wild rose - mountain ash

so here's the other side.. you can see the results.. 

raspberry - a nice print with various shades of browns and greens
lilac - a light yellow print, not a very strong result
butterfly bush -very light beige sorta print, am thinking this would probably wash out.. 

nanking cherry - nice yellow print
wild licorice - a pretty good print, yellow with some brownish tinge

mint - not much of a result at all
strawberry - a nice print, yellow and brown specks

wild rose - nice strong well defined prints, greenish purple hues
mountain ash - a good print, strong colour, greenish, brown with orange hints

this is on a beige fabric, it's unwashed or rinsed, but the fabric was pretty dry at the time the pictures were taken.   done in september.

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